Escape or resist?

I adore the feminist Rita Banerji in Calcutta. Not an easy location to live having such a lifelong concept vs. a society which doesn’t change the disrespect vs. women – not a fast procedure towards a better society. How short is our lifetime? O.K. Nelson Mandela stayed, he didn’t escape. I would escape. I would search for a more comfortable path to develop my own analysis, opinions, results. That would be my choice: to speak there, where the audience is respectful and interested. Avoiding communities which are not respectful vs. me. So the decisions in my lifetime followed this rule, for example when working for education-systems or now, retired, when making music. I don’t like to get slaughtered by idiots (or at least the wrong audience) – though often they nearly had their triumph. But then I went away, not looking back anymore.

Cranes leaving Europe

Rita Banerji has been interviewed by many newspapers and magazines out of India: Uk, USA, recently also in Germany:
I’ve translated the following part:
“…Rita Banerji is many things: environmentalist, author, photographer, women’s rights activist. She was 18 when she went to the U.S., and 30, when she returned to India… 2006 establishes Rita Banerji the “50 Million Missing Campaign”. For them, the systematic extermination of women and girls in India is a genocide according to the UN Convention on Genocide. She is advocating that the UN officially recognize this genocide. It not only makes friends…”

me, singing the anthem of resistance “Donna, Donna”, used during WWII vs. the Nazi regime trying to give the Jews courage to resist:

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