moment of illusion

My most viewed snap shot (44,000 views) is the one featuring a woman with umbrella, leaving the Public Library in Manhattan. I often asked myself, what could be the reason for such an interest? Maybe it is the fact that the face is hidden? By the way, I also have a photo with face: when she entered the library. Recently I found a gallery at titled “HIDDEN FACES” introducing the work of the photographer Natia Rekhviashvili. Photography blogger comments: “By showing only the back of each women, the pictures capture a sense of solitude, thoughtfulness and mysterious beauty…”
U = UMBRELLA (a Goddess, provoking a man to hesitate)
above: photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter his galleries at
below: one of the photos by Natia Rekhviashvili, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT:
click on the picture to enter the galleries of Natia Rekhviashvili!

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