The Hotel Cat

Inspired by the story of my friend Wolfgang H., Austria: “She was a feral cat and lived from what the guests of a Hotel have released and she prefers even today good upscale hotel food: the hotel management wanted to bring her in a shelter or kill. So we brought her into our house (she was quite willing) and she was painstakingly integrated into our existing cat population. She always wants to eat at the table with us – putting her paws on the table, then she tries to grab some high class food by pulling the tablecloth.”
compare, from the same “painter”:
story, told by Wolfgang:
My cat “Maki” is very sensitive. One of my other cats (“Lily”) has been run over by a car and Maki has seen as my neighbor has raised the dead Lily’s body into my hands. Maki has turned gray overnight in the face.

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