Racism in Europe

After the massacre in Norway I’ve commented in my article NORWAY / bad-news “… if your skin is not the same like the crowd around you, the problem could get much worser; racism is spreading in Germany again, in the Netherlands (after the killing of Theo van Gogh), in all countries in Scandinavia. I read, that the Oslo-terrorist hated the philosophy of the “FRANKFURTER SCHULE” = Theodor W. Adorno for example. I like ADORNO’s philosophy, and I always had trouble, even in Germany, when I made quotations of his wonderful ideas. Maybe I am proud, that this Utoeya-killer-beast hates multiculturalism – I am pro multiculturalism – for example with the group, founded by me, title: www.flickr.com/groups/cultural-boxes/ – the title was inspired by my friend Rita Banerji in Calcutta a human rights activist …”
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ranking high in my group cultural boxes:
1 – “Pokot and flash – Kenya” by Eric Lafforgue
1..2..3! Pokot and flash - Kenya
2 – =”Daily life at the Mekong riverbank” by Ben Visbeek
Daily life at the Mekong riverbank
3 – =”Mumbai Terrorist attack on 26th November, 2008″ by Soumik Kar
Mumbai Terrorist attack on 26th November, 2008
4 – “In Shepherds’ Room” by Hamed Saber
In Shepherds' Room
5 – “balancing umbrellas” by Rita Banerji
balancing umbrellas
6 – me and my multi-culti-music trio, I think the best concept PRO multiculturalism:
we play music from Latin America (Bossa Nova), Gypsy Swing, Soul, Blues etc.

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