TANGO is a lifestyle

producing photo series from Tango sessions my wife Barbara noticed quickly, that TANGO dancers usually create a special lifestyle, joining TANGO communities, visiting weekly a dance-hall etc. the life of TANGO lovers is framed by a special mood. my wife tried to feature that mood in one of her books; some youtube videos try to open the door to the world of TANGO too …
Tango 064
photo-books+tango book, backside
some of the photos of the book, featured in a slide-show
(background music embedded: me with guitar and kazoo)

Last Tango III
title=”Last Tango III
photo by by MO3PA, on Flickr
sent to my group BLOG IT!
Tango - Um sentimento que se dança
title=”Tango – Um sentimento que se dança
photo by Lídia Ramalho, on Flickr
compare: https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/dancing-marching-creeping/
Tango Argentina, youtube:

Tango Fire, youtube:

Monica Bellucci e il tango nel nuovo spot Intimissimi

thanks for the feedbacks of a TANGO school in ROME,
Zen TANGO by Oscar Wright:


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