Tribute To Africa

I feel honored that I inspired with my non-language experiment (first step) the singer Carla J. Patterson to go back consequently the path to the African roots of blues music. She added her vocals in Swahili.

“Carla unchained” commented herself:
Star In My Sky (Swahili: Nyota katika anga yangu)
“I studied Swahili and east Africa years ago and this idea of yours got me thinking in Swahili again! So here’s my little song built on your piece – generally, it means: My love, my friend, Star in my sky, you are the light that gives me hope/My night vision, you are the one who helps me live / My love, thank you! My friend, thank you! My good husband and strong partner in this life – etc. (lots of thank yous!)…”
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the photo above is a detail = the wooden head of an African king’s stick – you can see that below as a bed-post in my African room (a cmera man made an interview introducing me as a writer – video fragment below, scroll down):

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Carla J. Patterson is my flashback to Miriam Makeba or Ladysmith Black Mambazo

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