Demand for analog cameras, for working with film, using AGFA or KODAK, FUJI or what else: demand is gone. But using a scanner many of those old treasures in shoe boxes filled with photo prints: step by step they are entering the web 2.0 ready for comments they never had before! Trigger for this post was an article of the New York Times: lens.blogs.nytimes: picturing-the-end-of-analog
1 – one of our old cameras:
2 – a scan of a dia positive, shot in the eighties:
fleamarket clocks
3 – my last shots on film with our minolta AF 7000 – collected in a slide show:

4 – first shot with my digital pocket camera, Canon PowerShot A 700, after our Minolta fell down on a floor, destroyed …
scanned from paper print:
my wife and me
featuring the beginning
of photography …

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