Afghanistan Nonsense

War against Afghanistan by Russia, then by the United States of America: and now my own country, Germany, is involved in that war against Afghanistan. I think war is not a solution. At least my own country, Germany, after two horrible world wars should stop to organize military actions in other countries. But we continue to assist the US army leading a war against Afghanistan. Former President of Germany from 2004 to 2010 Horst Köhler and his wife (dressed in a grey military costume), minister of defense zu Guttenberg and his wife (dressed in Khaki shirt) made glamorous visits. What a shit. Hollywood? Why no one blames that silly war passion? I hate from George W. Bush via the religious silly Tony Blair up to neo-conservative German chancellor Angela Merkel all political leaders, who are guilty to lead a war with arrogance. They should watch the following video daily before having a breakfast.

don't worry, be happy
on the right side (blond sax player) –
the refugee from Russia: Juri

I remembered the story, a Russian army officer told me: his unit were killed by Talibans in the war against Afghanistan. All soldiers’ heads were cut off by the Taliban. One helicopter landed and rescued him. Back in Moscow, he refused to serve in the army. So he came to prison. Many years. Germany and Amnesty International bought him free. I met him in Germany. He only played saxophone, to forget the war nightmares…
read the blog of nikolay georgiev kotev – and watch the youtube video there; one guitarist – and many soldiers; clips, making me very sad, shocked …

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