chickens mass production

title=”Kikirikiii!” – photo by Superpepelu, on Flickr

I had my meetings with chickens a life long. As a little child I went every morning to feed the neighbor’s chicken with little pieces of cheese from my breakfast bread. They were very thankful, the owner didn’t feed them. After a time vets rescued the little starving chicken gang. After 40 years of searching I found the person who gave birth to me (she gave me in an orphanage immediately). Early in the morning, when I awoke in her guest-room, she opened the window and from outside she threw a chicken into my white bed, saying, here, you (growing up in an ugly metropolis) never had the luck to enjoy a farm-life! Actually in Germany they are trying to act vs. the mass-production of chicken and eggs in an industrial process without any chance of dignity for the chicken in narrow cages…

Germany or Belgium, that's always the question!
title=”Germany or Belgium, that’s always the question!” – photo by Frizztext

Roosters in Winter
title=”Roosters in Winter” – photo by n0rthw1nd
damn, he was aggressive!...
title=”damn, he was aggressive!…” – photo by Adrian Dreßler

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