Post 1 favorite youtube video

“A man should hear a little music,
read a little poetry,
and see a fine picture
every day of his life.”
Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE
Pelicans Along the Headlands, Mendocino
title=”Pelicans Along the Headlands, Mendocino” – photo by Rita Crane Photography, on Flickr


featuring Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Dixie Hummingbirds etc.
– amusing scene, as Stevie made a failure at 1:41,
stopped the whole steamy music machine
– to start again the locomotive …
if I was president
The men of congress call my name
I’d say who do
Who do you think you’re fooling
I got the presidential seal
I’m up on the presidential podium
My momma loves me! She loves me
She gets down on her knees and hugs me
Like she loves me like a rock

Please add one youtube video of YOUR choice!

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