Censorship – Liu Xiaobo

Censorship once organized the death penalty for the philosopher Giordano Bruno in Rome – 1600. But things haven’t changed in some matters really very much. Yesterday I’ve been in Cologne near my hometown. They are re-constructing some parts of the famous Cologne cathedral actually. And a new concrete architecture is rising in Cologne, a mosque. I better write nothing about this topic. There are so many more of censorship acts happening. Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Gaddafi – and what about China? German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle traveled to China yesterday to open an exhibition there about the levels of reason and German philosophy (Immanuel Kant). But a German author was not allowed to make the journey together with the German foreign minister: Tilman Spengler. Prohibited to enter China. He said something about a Chinese author who got the Nobel Prize some months ago: Liu Xiaobo … China set this genius into prison. Thank you, that’s civilized. In 1600 personalities like him were burned.

Liu Xiaobo

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