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Miss Camille, Trio

Visiting Bruxelles / Brussels I discovered the musician Milla Brune (Miss Camille) and her song “Little Girl” / “The Other Woman” – it is a very tricky use of modern LOOP tools to create a technical echo dialog with the own voice. The lyrics are about the discussion of a young woman with her inner child, the official video (at youtube) features a little child singing vs. her own adult female version, funny illustrated with pictures from the family album. Links to her work: twitter and Milla Brune:

the youtube description spends the lyrics:
Little girl, grew up too fast,
Suddenly things changed in your world
Daddy, gone too soon,
Never got the time to see her be a woman.
Mother mother, so sad and so down,
Spending all her time making up for her grief.
Brother was too busy,
Fighting with himself in his teenage years

I used to hate myself yeah, I used to hate my life
But now things will never be the same
I used to hate myself yeah I used to hate my life
But now I love what I became

At thirteen, a lake of male affection,
Girl needed to find a way to have some attention
So early, she gave her body
Gave away her virginity
Too young, she couldn’t feel the pleasure,
She had scarred her intimacy

I’m better today, on my way
Nobody knows witch way to go
I don’t know, you don’t know
All I know is to be myself

Milla Brune ft. Rachel Claudio “Precious”:

Milla Brune: “Struggling” (Making Of)
Musical Direction: Little Collin
Musicians: Cedric Raymond, Patrick Deltenre, Giovanni Rizzutto
Executive Producer: Eric Moral for Soulfood Music Group Inc.

Milla and her guitarist in New York, Central Park:

more videos:

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