“evoluzione” (slide show video with music)

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compare the frizztext auto-biographical
frizz-biography slide-show
music embedded: Georgia on my mind

Prof. Luigi Frappi is an artist with humor.
So it is no problem for him,
to present his own lifetime in a few seconds.
Maybe we all should try to reach such a velocity,
talking about our own biographies …

my timeline 1945 - 2010
title=”my timeline 1945 – 2010″ by Frizztext
(photo above:) me on top of my first car 1965
1945-2010 my lifemarks
every life has some landmarks: words, music, photos, private or public
I like the philosophy of Existentialism, especially the view of Henri Bergson, who wrote, that every life has a certain basic melody. We understand a human life better if we do not look upon a single note only, but try see the whole long line of many years and impressions – my life started 1945 in Germany …
my timeline 1945 – 2010 as featured at
My Repertoire A to Z
trying to deliver fun ...

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