The Third Reich’s Mental Illness

“Joseph Winter” uploaded by Frizztext

Reading about the “THE THIRD REICH’S MYTH-MAKING MACHINERY”, lost in the details of 22 shocking photos of the TIME / LIFE magazine, I realized again, that it was not a single person (the devil Hitler) on a wrong path, it seemed to be a complete nation infected by a kind of mental illness. Our friend Joe Winter escaped from Germany 1940 – and soon came back as a soldier of the US army. Crossing the battle lines daily as a spy he said, the dangerous thing was: “not to be killed by friendly fire”: trying to explain the American friends, that he, dressed in German uniform, was an US citizen, though talking a bad English with a big German accent. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) said, like looking into the future of his own Germany: “Mental illness seldom is the problem of a single person, but much more the problem of whole nations…”
ritchie boys: Joe was the most important person I met in my life, (most important book: Adorno, minima moralia): both individual thinkers inspired me not to stop to analyze Third Reich structures – and the continuing strategies in parts of Germany after 1945. I resisted (and suffered) vs. similar structures in military, theology, schools, jobs. Actually there is a new discussion about education styles (corporal punishment) 1945-1975 – 30 years I had to suffer (in orphanage, under people who adopted me, in schools) also; it took all my energy to resist vs. the cruel tactics – every decade they became more hidden and complicated …

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