Cologne – Köln

Cologne screenshot
Kölner Lichter
title=”Kölner Lichter” by digitman2006 – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!
I like to visit Cologne, Germany. The famous cathedral, the Rhine river, the museum, the street musicians – I’m always happy to be there. Yearly they have not only some chaotic carnival actions – also a wonderful firework on the Rhine river called “Kölner Lichter” – enjoy the three large photos below by other photographers; then some (smaller) Cologne pictures by myself …
Canon EOS 550D - 18 mm - 13,0 Sek. bei f - 22 - 18-270mm - ISO 1600 - CR2 -_-2.jpg
title=”Canon EOS 550D – 13,0 Seconds” by Arne Bergsch [RAW] – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!
Koelner Lichter 2010
title=”Koelner Lichter 2010″ by gaidaphotos – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!

now following some Cologne shots by myself (4-9):
6discovery7DITIB Mosque, Cologne, Germany
8Cologne Cathedral9locks in Cologne

video featuring some street musicians at the Rhine river boulevard:


there was a big public controverse discussion in Cologne about the glass window of the artist Gerhard Richter – in my flickr photo stream for example Paul from Canada commented:
“THIS IS A GOOD WINDOW for most Germans who are mired in the digital age…and aren’t in the Eternal Age of Jesus Christ. Meaningless colour splotches belong in a mosque…for true congruency between art and that religion’s content…and certainly not in a consecrated Catholic edifice. The Catholic Church is the kingdom of God…Islam is nothing…give these nothing windows to them…”
hi “Never was an arrow” / Paul in Canada:
some groups in Cologne are very pro-Christian and do not have big trust vs. the Islam culture. Actually a judge in Cologne made an action vs. the rite of curtailment (circumcision?) saying, that to circumcise a little boy would hurt the human rights of the little man. Now the Jews and Muslims in Germany are demanding a clear decision from Berlin law makers for the right to continue to practice those old rites….

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