Moleskine – still attractive

Which is actually the most important media factor? word, music, photography? Sometimes I suppose, word & music have lost the competition, photography is the winner. Maybe because it is the fastest medium? Transporting complex messages in seconds?
photo by Frizztext
on the photo: famous notebooks by moleskine: – other solutions by paperblanks or Nanu-Nana or Herlitz etc.
though magazines, television and internet are overwhelming us, empty paper still is attractive for us: a chance to find ourselves …
there are exhibitions with very old moleskine books, featuring Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway or Bruce Chatwin etc. – but I do not collect them (I’m not rich), I only buy empty moleskine notebooks (expensive in Germany) or cheaper copies by Nanu-Nana, Herlitz etc. – to fix my very own ideas …
my cat Emily trying to understand, what I’m doing with all those paper blanks …

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