sometimes the odor,

sense of smell,

is the best bridge for me

to go back

to sweet childhood…

I like this photo by Will Wilson, because it is a wonderful bridge into my own childhood days –

and of course, every morning, when I enter a bakery, I smile, watching the little kids, pointing on what they would like to eat;

dogs (and cats) must wait outside – oh if they only could, like they would …

P.S.: maybe I can add, that my Dad was a baker …


Der Geruch ist oft eine wundervolle Brücke zurück in die Tage der Kindheit. Jeden Samstag Morgen, wenn ich Brötchen hole fürs Frühstück, gleite ich zurück in meine schönsten Kindheitserinnerungen. Vielleicht darf ich erwähnen, dass mein Vater Bäcker war …

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