Father’s Day

Father’s Day in USA is this year on Sunday 17th. Reason enough to have a flashback to the person, who adopted me. He was a kind of Adolf Eichmann – read my article “A German Biography”. My father-flashbacks are nightmares. But I was glad, to find other people in my lifetime, who supported me very much. Teachers, friends, bloggers. I enjoy to read other father stories, for example the story, how the father of Geoff Quinn tried to survive after a plane crash. As he noticed he couldn’t find out off the desert in the deep snow (without any GPS & mobile phone in the fifties), he wrote a letter & put it in a bottle. We can understand, that his son loves this bottle-post, found later, when the snow was gone.
me, adopted
me, no money for sun-glasses! In the background: the man who adopted me.
“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” [Søren Kierkegaard]

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