Ragtime Irony

Sometimes I like to start a kind of ragtime irony fingerpicking my guitar – listen to some of my audio tracks below. A radio station in Florida (no. 2) or harp player Gernot (no. 6) noticed that little blow of humor in my music and added via wikiloops or soundcloud some funny vocals or blues licks – enjoy listening!

1 – my original guitar track

2 – vocals added by Glenn P. / at a radio station Florida

3 – Honey Pie – my tribute to the Beatles

4 – frizz-quintett

5 – added harp by Gernot Baur

tango saloon
photo by frizztext
6 – my tribute to Memphis Minnie’s “Chauffeur Blues” – added harp by Gernot Baur

7 – Honey Pie Kazoo

8 – je suis seul ce soir – kazoo

9 – red hot, tribute to Robert Johnson

10 – Grandpa’s Kazoo

the typical irony of the ragtime decade, a video, visualizing with humor Memphis Minnie’s “Chauffeur Blues”:

11 – Maxwell’s Silver Kazoo

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