Katie’s in the Kitchen

my kid (in the thirties meanwhile) sitting in the kitchen, playing kindly songs for the grand-kids and the kitty-cat on the kitchen floor
caring for the kids
Black Cat Boogie
I was inspired to upload these two old photos (hidden in my flickr shoe-box), when I read the poem, written by ideflex from Canada at http://acrossthebored.com/2013/03/13/story-challenge-tagged-k/ – created for my weekly A to Z challenge, this week’s “tagged K”.

“Katie’s in the Kitchen
Karl is in the hall
Kaspar’s in the Kale
Kicking a yellow ball
Kaylin cuddles Kittens
Kendra’s growing tall
Kirk he sings of
Kites and Kisses
Kindred spirits
big and small…”

Isn’t it a wonderful “K”-poem, with good rhythm similar to a children’s song, which I don’t know (I’m German, you know, always surprised by the verbal acrobatics of ideflex). ideflex replied in the comments at “tagged K”: “I was thinking of a children’s song or verse when I wrote it but also of you sitting in your kitchen playing guitar – glad that came through!” So suddenly came in my mind a melody once heard from the Beatles, I fingerpicked that on my acoustic guitar:

After a while I remembered the title

“tagged K”

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