Bring it on home

I tried to feature the blues feeling of the famous soul composition by Sam Cooke – then jmrukkers (Switzerland) kindly added his Hammond organ to my simple cover to make it better, then docnat from Italy: wild bass – more at

actually the latest version: Pia (female vocals) and Ian McAulay (classical guitar) joined the (virtual) jam session:

P.S.: below several wonderful YouTube versions:
1 – Roger Ridley, street musician for te “Playing for change”-project (and watch how easy two different children are inspired to dance):

2- this couple, Alex Serra & Karol Green, singing harmony so sweet: with goose under their chair!

3 – Rising Appalachia: professional vocal duet:

4 – SMOOTH HOUND SMITH: nice groovy country version:

thanks for introducing that on twitter too:

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