Django unchained – movie review

Yesterday we watched the movie DJANGO UNCHAINED in a German cinema (UCI) – listening to the story of Broomhilde (Brunhilde) and her black Siegfried. Much violence, torture, blood. Doesn’t Hollywood risk with such a film some riots and popular uprising? Is the film industry producing an endless support of the opinion, that only weapons could deliver justice? However, at no point of US-history revenge feelings are more plausible than remembering racism. At least the movie should have ensured that racism is very much avoided in dealing with each other.
on violence
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actors: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson,
Maybe the movie is “disrespectful” (visit links below) or produces some risky actions – blacks twittered about killing whites (some links below)… – I would prefer the Lincoln movie! But on the other hand: Maybe director Quentin Tarantino created a landmark in movie history with his idea of a BLACK SIEGFRIED – not without a certain irony (or sarcasm?) …
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above: my comment, still waiting for approval?
German version of the review:
Gestern haben wir uns den Film DJANGO UNCHAINED angesehen. Eine Liebesgeschichte zwischen Brunhild und Siegfried? (Erzählt im Film von Christoph Waltz.) Sehr viel Gewalt, Qual, Blut. Riskiert Hollywood mit solch einem Film keinen Volksaufstand? Unterstützt man gern und endlos die Auffassung, nur Waffen könnten für Gerechtigkeit sorgen? Allerdings an keinem Punkt sind Rache-Gefühle plausibler als beim Rassismus.
Zumindest dürfte der Film erreicht haben, dass Rassismus sehr vermieden wird im Umgang miteinander. Die Behandlung des Problems im aktuellen Film über Abraham Lincoln sagt mir mehr zu.

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