Story Challenge: Letter “i”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “i”? For example I’ve written about an IVY HOUSE (watch below) or India, about IGNORANCE or IRONY, IMMIGRANTS and INEQUALITY, INFORMATION technologies or IN-PUT systems, about insomnia or IKEA, Israel or a “modern iconography”, about Ireland and Iceland, about IRAQ and IRAN, irony or ignorance, ideas and innovators, information wars and immortality etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “i”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “i”!!!


When my mother tried to show me this house on the isle of Rügen inside, it was closed, a closed museum on a Wednesday. Years after my mother had died (suicide), I remembered her little wish to show me the interior of this house. I had to search very long in many villages to find that little town Gingst again after ten years. The museum was open now, I stepped inside – and – surprise – it was not forbidden to take photos…


  • Do you like to remember special fragments of your mother’s life? Which?
  • Do you like to remember special stories of your father’s life? Which?

Ivy House
title=”Ivy House” – photo by FrizzText – click on the picture to enter my flickr galleries!
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