Solitude is a typical topic of photography and art, psychology and philosophy. Maybe it is a part of wishful thinking in overcrowded cities? An attitude of nearly surrealism to criticize modern societies? But there will be no way back! Lost paradises…
Voices of Solitude
title=”Voices of Solitude”, composition via by Ben Heine sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter his collection…
compare four other photos
click on the pictures to enter the photographers’ photo-streams on
1House on the Drina River / Kućica na steni2Hong Kong
3Wheat Field with Crows 20084happy METROPOLIS
1 – “House on the Drina River” by Irene Becker
2 – “Hong Kong” by Manuel Romaris
3 – “Wheat Field with Crows” by Ben Visbeek
4 – “Happy METROPOLIS” by myself / Frizztext

title=”Norway” by Manuel ROMARÍS, click on the photo to enter his flickr galleries …
Castle Stalker
title=”Castle Stalker” by JACK BYERS., click on the photo to enter his flickr galleries …
'twas all about the water view
title=”’twas all about the water view” by colorfulexpressions
more of Ben Heine via
photos (and photo-manipulations) taken during Ben Heine’s trip at the “Mont Saint Michel

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