CAT LIFE by Manuel Romaris

Cats can’t talk, but they are storytellers via a special body language. Our cat Emily rests on the paper, if I will write, is biting my mouse-moving-hand when I’m working with my computer, hides in the bookshelf, if a dog is visiting us. The professional photographer Manuel Romaris made a wonderful tribute to HIS cat Ulises in memoriam:
Sunbeam Searcher
photo via by Manuel ROMARÍS sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photos to enter his collection…
Manuel Romarís is a Spanish freelance photographer based in Brussels – and the European delegate of the Asociación de Periodistas Gráficos Europeos
As I asked Manuel Romaris, if his cat was always by his side on his journeys, he answered:
“Ulises didn’t like to travel so much, but sometimes in Europe we traveled with him, until one morning he hided under the bed of the hotel, not willing to go to the car any more. We had to dismantle the bed in order to take the cat and check out…”

photo above:
1 Ulises in a sunbeam
2 Ulises in a sink
3 on paper
4 on top of an IKEA bookshelf.

Ulises, in memoriam
Manuel Romaris: Ulises in memoriam
Hong Kong by Manuel Romaris
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