Weekly Photo Challenge: World Through Your Eyes

Cheri Lucas Rowlands from THE DAILY POST wrote: “…It’s that little extra something in a snapshot that transforms a photograph into something more: a visual interpretation of one’s vision. A story, captured in a frame…”
Light and clouds and wind and architecture doing their daily battle vs. each other: I like to convert color photography to “B&W / Black and White”, making a maximum contrast, to present the dramatic I feel mostly in my soul …
photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter my galleries on Flickr.com – related: Weekly Photo Challenge: world through your eyes
I'm part of Post A Day 2013
below: some other examples for trying to support a dramatic message via stylish black and white photography [first version always is a color photo]. Three pictures are by my wife Barbara [#4, #9, #10], a professional photographer; I learned a lot by her about painting with light [and shadows] as a basic principle of black and white photography:

2 – the edge, Winterswijk, where Piet Mondrian lived:
the edge

3 – castle for a retired mind:

4 – me, playing guitar, portrait by my wife Barbara:
Mississippi Delta Frizz (Selfportrait)

5 – our cat fighting vs. the light-reflections of me steel guitar:
Black Cat Boogie

6 – a road of light falling through the windows down to the floor:
a road of light

7 – tunnel of light in my hometown Wuppertal, hanging tram:
crowded city

8 – winter garden marble, New York city:
Winter Garden, World Financial Center

9 – portrait of a hesitating woman, shot by my wife:
new series

10 – nude in an abandoned factory, shot by my wife, session for a book:

11 – on violence and gun law politics:
on violence

12 – on frustration (in a dance hall):
the D! archive

13 – in discussion with a Russian (in my home recording audio studio):

14 – solitude for a thinker, Humboldt university, Berlin:

my camera fell out off my hands today, crashed on the stones, and when I saw the wreck, I could not resist, I went immediately to the next shop to buy a similar camera again (Canon PowerShot) – because to have no camera: I would feel like being blind, with no chance to express my feelings, – which are mostly based on visual adventures …

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