The Changing Of The Idols

Maybe we could write about the changing of the idols in different decades of our lifetime?
Recently I discovered the charismatic Coen Brothers and their movie “Brother where art you?” – I sat down, grabbed my guitar – and tried to play the main soundtrack of the movie: “Man of constant sorrow”:

comments at flickr:
Urania di Arrakis asked:
ma quello in mezzo si mangia?
google translates:
but what you eat in the middle?
answer by frizztext:
2 – in the middle: my father was a baker, so this “Stutenkerl” reminds me of him
3 – founder of Dubrovnik
1 – I studied at first theology (then social sciences etc.)

  1. 4 – nowadays I like good guitar players

  2. Urania di Arrakis28 minutes ago

    the one in the middle seems like bread, sweet bread…like a gingerbread 🙂

  3. Frizztext16 minutes ago

    it tastes like gingerbread and the ritual is to give it as a present to children on 6th of December every year: Santa Claus …

  4. Urania di Arrakis6 minutes ago | reply | delete

     I like this little funny monster 😀

  5. Frizztexta moment ago

    but my father, the baker, was a monster: he put me into an orphanage 3 weeks after birth. It took me 40 years to find out who he was and where he lived. Then he tried to be a good fellow, brought bread every morning to me, my wife and our two little daughters. Thank you for inspiring me to talk my “idols”, I’m writing about this in my daily blog parallel too…


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