Hannah Arendt – a female philosopher

Not to be, as “the ant that just crawls on the wheel of fate” (Herder), the female philosopher Hannah Arendt flirts with the advise of Hugo von Hofmannsthal, who sought to awaken in us “the old tenderness for the world.”
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Frizztext: it’s great that by a new movie this important female philosopher (played by Barbara Sukowa) gets new attention… For Hannah Arendt’s philosophy of existence it is important, to think of communication and dialogue as the core of human dignity (and she feels deeply related to the German philosopher Karl Jaspers). About the famous Martin Heidegger, her former ex-lover, she wrote down in a note the settlement: “A debatable issue is whether Heidegger’s philosophy has not been unduly taken seriously”. On Karl Marx she criticized his doctrinaire way (who did not) – more sympathetic to her is Sören Kierkegaard‘s despair. Albert Camus: she liked the pose of his defiance, and the father of modern philosophy, Immanuel Kant, he was admired by her for his extraordinary serenity.
The famous Jewish victim Anne Frank was revealed by a Dutch (not German) police man. Why? Only because the mediocre are following a ridiculous desire for career advancement? The Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt had the idea, to describe this as “the banality of evil” when she reported about Adolf Eichmann, the minor official who organized the transport of millions of Jews to their extermination into the gas chambers.
Hannah Arendt: “The greatest evil in the world is the evil committed by nobodies. It is this phenomenon that I have called the banality of evil!”

the film by Margarethe von Trotta will start in the USA on May 29th 2013!
I’ve commented there:
The banality of evil“, a terminus of the philosopher Hannah Arendt referred to the Third Reich, actually becomes quite true here as well. Though not millions of people were killed as in Nazi Germany during WW II: but the modern neo-Nazi attacks undermine more and more cities in Germany. There are probably many “banal” followers: police covering facts, intelligence agencies removing files, judges performing callous, tactless, arrogant towards the international press…


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