Louis Armstrong Tribute

Once, in a Manhattan Starbucks café, we noticed a big Louis Armstrong portrait on the wall. Could never forget the facial expression featured by the talented painter. Still it’s heart touching, when Louis Armstrong (R.I.P.) sings for us on youtube: “C’est si bon – lovers say that in France – when they thrill to romance – it means: it’s so good…” – so I couldn’t resist and tried to play that song on my guitar, fingerstyle instrumental …
Café Blues
“C’est si bon” – recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1949; words & music by Andre Hornez & Henry Betti, English lyric by Jerry Seelen: Josephine Baker, Yves Montand, Eartha Kitt or Mireille Mathieu also made a version, but I prefer (because I like to play Gypsy style swing guitar) the A minor versions (good for guitar players) of Joscho Stephan or “Hot Swing” or “Café Caravan” – Bm Bbm Am D G …


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