Arrogant Houses

There are arrogant houses. I was one of the have-nots in the valley on the other side of the river. The established and rich people looked down on us from above, unmoved and mocking. But they did not own more than their stubbornness and their house-ownership: never they have developed individual speaking and writing. Sometimes ownership makes lazy and lethargic.


my photo was chosen for the EXPLORE feature… (my comment maybe not).

In my top ten of favorite books is:

Ernst Bloch: “The principle of hope”

my book review:

“His peerless magnus opus, “The Principle of Hope”, he wrote in the years 1938-1947 in the “Public Library” in Manhattan at the 42nd street – after he had been driven out of Germany by the Nazis, who burned books and terrorized Jews and socialists. His wife Karola earned the money, working as an architect in New York…
…Bloch often tried to convince via small anecdotes, for example the description, how Stephenson, the inventor of the steam engine, managed not to lose HOPE: “In vain he followed the first boiler on wheels running behind. The steam machine more and more rapidly approached a curve. The mother of all railway engines drove straightforward and exploded at the wall of a house. Stephenson now everything had understood completely. He built a new machine, equipped with a steering-wheel, using an iron-track.”

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