New Dutch King

Europe likes kings. We have some absurd old kings in Spain and Sweden. Charles is still waiting, his mom likes the pomp too much. But in The Netherlands Queen Beatrix was friendly to her son. Now the next generation is in the job. In Amsterdam all generations made a big party together.
Our New King Alexander and Queen Maximá
The photographer Ben Visbeek lives in Amsterdam. I often featured his photos in this blog. Now this one is his latest work with the title: “Our New King Alexander and Queen Maximá”


I'm part of Post A Day 2013
step by step I enjoyed more and more the comments of my readers. They often inspired me to dive deeper into a topic. The result now is a print edition “Fragments And Feedbacks” – 100 pages, only words, no photos, a “best of” (so far) out of more than 1,200 articles – if you are interested please visit fragments-and-feedbacks

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