Suffering under orthodoxy

From North Korea to Iran, from China to Russia etc. it is possible to suffer under a certain kind of orthodoxy. Maybe in every nation, maybe in every job or neighborhood, even family. The hope of the new tools, the world wide web 2.0, internet access with high speed connection, digital photography, blogging of freethinkers etc. is: to have the wonderful chance to change many kinds of orthodoxy. To open narrow minded hierarchies. To build up communities with more fairness and empathy, more freedom and liberty. The chance to compare global conditions of living is the chance to work against orthodoxy. [photo by frizztext; title: INSPECTORS ARE COMING – originally uploaded at About criticasters: THOUGH BY WHIM, ENVY OR RESENTMENT LED, THEY DAMN THOSE AUTHORS, WHOM THEY NEVER READ. (Charles Churchill, 1732-1764)] recently I was also amused by another quotation: Bishop William Warburton (1697-1779): “Orthodoxy is my doxy; heterodoxy is another man’s doxy.”

the following photos are from third parties, kindly sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! Click on the pictures to enter the photographers’ galleries!
1Banda de trompetas y cornetas2End of the Arirang mass game - Pyongyang North Korea
3Miss Mouna smiling under her veil, Salalah, Oman4Die Deutschen
5Moscow6Looking Back...
7Ceramic Worker8The Letter Writer

1 – “Banda de trompetas y cornetas”, photo by Miguelángel, España
2 – North Korea producing joy-dancers – photo by Eric Lafforgue
3 – Veil duty for women in Arabia – photo by Eric Lafforgue
4 – German boy focused on uniform – photo by Giancarlo Rado
5 – “Moscow” – photo by Peter Gutierrez
6 – “Looking Back…” – photo by Cindy Seigle
7 – “Ceramic Worker” photo by @sHik / Ashik, Bangladesh
8 – “The Letter Writer” photo by Rita Banerji, Calcutta

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