Describing a relationship to music

Would you like to describe YOUR relationship to music? I’m trying to make a first step featuring my own path:

Music has comforted me since I was aged 12, when I got a banjo and had my permanent place in a Dixieland formation of our school. Also I was a lead singer in a big Spiritual choir for a while. However, studies and career stifled everything – although I casually gave guitar lessons, from time to time I joined jam sessions in music pubs (“open mics” nights), was an excited listener on Gypsy attended concerts in Belgium, France and The Netherlands – and at home year after year I’ve invited various street musicians and recorded them for free and gave them their demo CD. I once wrote a history of Blues music (2 million viewers) and put it online (so came in contact with Richard Koechli and his inspiring guitar tutorials) – but for a band I was never good enough, I also discovered a certain stage fright inside of me – so I’m actually glad, to practice some home-recording for soundcloud and wikiloops at the end of my life (I’m aged 68).


Especially a blues harmonica player from Hamburg (Gernot Baur) brought me back to full enjoyment of country blues music! His blues harp fits exactly to that style of music, in which I like to retreat dreaming, wasting my last days. On the other hand a professional musician & friend, living next door to me (Luzz), he opened the world of multi tracking in his home studio for me and recorded some titles with me as a gift: “Galloping Through Georgia”, Jam 14004 etc. (listen to my wordpress playlist below). Perhaps also the banjo player Jeff Burns of Brooklyn (featured here today, sitting with a feverish cold on his bedside in Brooklyn, bravely alluding to my kazoo), or Glenn Pellito, the singer from Florida, gave me new motivation to focus my days on self made music. Logical Résumé: I just bought a little multi track recorder, to have a fine rest of life…

Jeff, banjo
Glenn, vocals
Gernot, harp
Luzz, composer
richard, book author & guitarist

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