Have you ever heard from Greece? I hope so. In the school I read with enthusiasm Homer and Xenophon, Socrates or Epicureus. We had our happy days on Santorini. We saw the street riots in Athens vs. a sometimes corrupt political system. We noticed the trouble with public money (austerity problems related to stolen taxes or a high military budget?), we have blogging friends with a great heart there – and we were amused by the “Silly Walks” (Monty Python) seen in the photo below, kindly sent by “Peony71” to my group BLOG IT – click on the picture, to enter her flickr galleries
Tsarouhi from your homeland, even if it’s patched.
the photographer “Peony71” comments: The Greeks are famed for their spectacular national dress. The full sleeves, embroidered waistcoat and pleated kilt worn by the Evzone guards are finished with a pair of Tsarouhi, the pompom adorned Greek slipper.
my slide show featuring Santorini (music in the background by my lost friend Chrysantos):

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