Greeks protest vs. austerity measures

In Athens there are more and more riots related to the European financial crisis. People protest vs. the method of the parliament, to take the missing money from people with low income. But the basic problem seems more to be the fact, that not enough taxes have been paid. The bureaucracy sleeps – or has a corrupt amigo-system. The “austerity measures” hit the working people – but not very much the expansive military equipment. Germany sold many weapons (even submarines) to Greece (maybe using the fear related to the Greek neighbor Turkey?). Germany (my homeland) delivers most of the billions to work against the Greece financial crisis. But on the other hand protesters on the street hate German government. Absurd, paradox? I’m sure, we will hear more of this painful process.
photo via by Federico Verani sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection…

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