Fun With Sledges

Winter Avenue
Last week we had our fun in Berlin with a sledge in the evening: threesome we changed correctly the positions: my grandson (aged 4), the other grandpa (Italian, 74) and me (67): it was not easy to pull me (heavy like an elephant) – and the tiny Meerkat figure of the grandpa didn’t notice, that his grandson didn’t support him by pushing bravely from behind. No, he simply hung on and let himself pull through the snow – lying on his stomach. The passengers stopped to enjoy our grandson’s laughing… When I pulled the two in the same way, the other grandpa muttered: “If this was in Italy, they would put us into a hospital!” In Berlin everything is possible. They have failed with other projects much more in this city!
[thanks to – this little diary-fragment of course at first was in my native language: German]
below: “Children on sledges pulled by a car” by Nationaal Archief, The Netherlands, click on the picture to enter the Dutch archive’s flickr galleries
Sleeënde kinderen voortgetrokken door auto / Children on sledges pulled by a car
Sleeënde kinderen voortgetrokken door auto Originally uploaded by Nationaal Archief – looking back, we can discover, that they knew, how to have FUN with automobiles: The survivors before us knew quite well how to obtain pleasure in dealing with automobiles. A custom that is forgotten today: a silly gang can be drawn in a pack through the snow.

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