Framed Music

Take the same song, for example “Mr. Sandman” once sang by the Chordettes, and watch the videos of several performers: the charming Fifties of the Chordettes change. Of course, if you take time to view the video featuring myself, sitting at the backside of the big MARX & ENGELS sculpture in Berlin. Or if you listen to my friend Kai, he plays much better than me. Or enjoy the genius gypsy swing style of our local German hero Joscho Stephan. You will enter a wonderful studio work atmosphere watching the last example: thanks to Giuliano Saade in Sao Paulo who gave the link in his wordpress blog. I like music, which is framed by working atmosphere, good example too: The last album of the BEATLES on the roof-top of the Abbey Road Studio in London. Of course I hate the submissive message of the Fifties. Times are a-changing – and videos too. Songs not.

2) my friend Kai, playing much better than I do:

3) German gypsy swing hero JOSCHO STEPHAN, same song again:

4) Chordettes, the beginning:

5) modern studio work atmosphere:

6) old messages, gone – or not?

7) Emmylou Harris on stage:

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