Discussing Gypsy Problems

“The European parliament in Brussels criticized some member states, that the Sinti and Roma people are not treated fair enough…”: that’s what I wrote yesterday; my readers commented:
1 – petchary: “It is so sad. When I was reading about the Roma, I realized that they are particularly harassed in France, with raids on their camps etc.”
2 – iceman: “In France, we have less Roma than in Germany and some politics are using the subject to keep power….Our new prime minister, for example! And imagine than in Lebanon, 1/4 of the population are refugees, from Syria and Palestine…”
3 – neihtn2012: “Two weeks ago, I saw plenty of Roma, including families with children, sleeping out in the open on the streets of Paris. At Notre Dame, cops were chasing two women gypsies suspected of stealing from tourists…”
4 – Myra from Singapur: “How sad to hear about this. I actually bought a book about gypsies while I was in Budapest. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet – but I do feel an affinity towards gypsies – must be the wanderer in me, and the feeling of being an outsider most of the time…”
5 – the musician Tomas Foe commented at wikiloops: “I know many great Roma musicians and many gifted Roma people who are invisible and ignored in my country. Often segregation, extremely high level of unemployment, frequent discrimination in the field of education, goods and services, health care… The roots of Roma people here are from 10-11th century AD, they are a real part of our society… They have to get the chance for normal life… to achieve to count on them… see them and accept them!”
let me reply with another song of my repertoire, played in Gypsy style on a GITANE guitar:

6 – to the author Stephen Baum / Bumba, working for the HOMELESS in Los Angeles, I wrote:
for sure the European Gypsies are a kind of complete HOMELESS ethnicity – not easy to organize those people who won’t get organized – governments have to change their point of view, trying to assimilate them, pushing them into fixed houses, schools etc.: those who feel only happy, if they can travel around…

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