Mondrian's descendants - NYC map
Looking at abstract paintings our actual experiences get involved. The black lines of the Piet Mondrian painting, 1935, now become Tsunami waves. The blue area above left: the underwater eruption during the earthquake! The yellow field below, right, a ship near Hawaii? The peek-a-boo small red on the right border? The nuclear plant area of Japan after the 8,9 earthquake last Friday, 11th March 2011. Maybe that red will get bigger and bigger, the nuclear fallout can destroy so much… Piet Mondrian was forced to paint his clear compositions: escaping the chaos of the reality, the news, the noise … so am I today …

A neo-plastic like illustration inspired by Mo...

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… Piet Mondrian painted driven by a deep fear inside against the chaos of the world outside … more at home interior – influenced by Mondrian (flickrcomments.wordpress.com)

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