Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

inside of a black box, a long and winding tunnel, an empty church, a mosque, a museum, a kaleidoscope, a soul?
photo by frizztext – this is a famous window created by a modern artist [Gerhard Richter] – there were many rough discussions, because this is not a traditional church design.
When I stayed in this church [the Cologne cathedral] for two hours, my camera resting on the bench beside me, every 5 minutes another group of people kindly asked me, if I could take a photo of them with their iPhone (etc.) – with that window as a background. Of course I did – and saw so many smiling faces on the digital displays as never before. The people came from Japan and the Philippines, from USA and India, Russia and Turkey and so on. Glad that they were English spoken. I’m sure the window-artist Gerhard Richter would have been very proud, if he had watched this …
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