Desertion: Mirage Courage

Sometimes we need deserters to make the first step to stop an idiot’s plan. On 21st February 2011 two Mirage F1 pilots of the Libyan military landed in Malta, at the airport in Valletta. The deserters said, that they were ordered by Gaddafi to attack the demonstrators in Libya. One of the pilots, a colonel of the Libyan Air Force, Col Ali Faraj Alrabti – he requested asylum … – These news made it legal for the NATO to make a military intervention. We know, at least, at the very end of the process, on Oct. 20, 2011, rebels killed the tyrant. US Drones and French jets had stopped Gaddafi’s automobiles, which tried to escape from Sirte.

Col Ali Faraj Alrabti escaped to Malta:
Libyan fighter pilots who fled to Malta receive heroes’ welcome in Tripoli

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