For My Funeral

Glenn Pellito from Florida wrote the lyrics for my funeral as demanded by myself. On that day, when he really sings, I’ll jump out off the coffin again to give him a hug! C. Schlote made the church feeling with organ and bass for our ironical version of the famous “Amazing Grace” anthem and Ian McAulay added a kind of bagpipe e-guitar flight…
How do YOU want your friends celebrating YOUR funeral?

comments by the song writer Glenn Pellito from Florida: “Great template from my friend Frizz. I was inspired by the title and by what Frizz wrote when he first posted the track. This is what came from it.I hope you like it…” I had written before he was inspired to create the lyrics: “I don’t know what they will play on my funeral – maybe this? I hope some musicians add their talent to make it sound better! And: maybe European funerals should learn from New Orleans funerals!”

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