Fear, rage, liberty


Fear and oppression, sudden anger, rage, violence after years of angst and having not a minimum of courage to give a bold feedback: those actual political phenomena in some Arabian states also are steady themes in psychoanalysis …
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Downtown Cairo

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Karen Horney provided psychoanalytic pioneer work, similar to the equally famous Anna Freud. C.G. Jung and Alfred Adler , she said, did not have enough seen the function of anxiety. Erich Fromm (in “Authority and Family “) and, of course, Sigmund Freud in “Beyond the Pleasure Principle “) [with his postulate, the existence of a death drive] would have recognized those neuroses inherent.

In one of her case studies Karen Horney mentioned “C.” – the chemist, who had “made dependent on the kindness of others” and never dared to defend against people who wanted him thoroughly evil. The vicious circle ( Fritz Kuenkel ), the climax, the spiral of an environment that is frequently and scornfully using anxious people and their subservience – and the contrast in the victim deposited, suppressed, but nevertheless constantly until the threatening multiplying ANGER, RAGE, REVOLT, AMOK: they to prevent not to explode: that’s the job of FEAR / ANGST in the intra-psychological mental health system.

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