Sky is wide

If we could walk through the skyscapes, leaving our penthouse! Photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries.
penthouse widescreen
Comments by readers: “A walk in the clouds” – fantastic! (by Claudio in Argentina); “It would be awesome!” (NaPix from Vietnam); “Hard to believe the photo actually was taken in Berlin and not say, on the Alps” (by David Mor, Jerusalem); “Cool view of being up with the Angels!” (by “God is in us all” / Chris Wehner, West Virginia, USA). Frizztext-comment: But I wasn’t up with the Angels! Trying to get the brightest light behind the top window of the penthouse on the opposite side of our Karl-Marx-Allee in East-Berlin I didn’t see the baby chair next to my feet and fell down and cried. “Are you hurt?” my daughter asked. “Yes I’ve got some knee-pain now on the left – nevertheless, my mind took my body for some minutes and we walked through the clouds!” At least my Canon pocket got another Berlin document: The sky is wide and high over Berlin. The ground is often dark and unseen. We have a German children’s book STRUWWELPETER (by Heinrich Hoffmann 1845) about a boy named “Hans-Guck-in-die-Luft” / “Johnny Head-in-Air”: His eyes followed the swallows in the clouds – and he fell into the river where the fishes said “Hello”! Hello, Frizz “Eyes-in-the-clouds”!

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