Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

FREE SPIRIT: If you discover, that you have a free spirit, able to realize your own dreams, climbing up using your developed talents: then this will be the step into freedom. A dictator makes many slaves to follow him. An individual free spirit feels: I am what I am. No beasts above me. No governor, no priest, no dictator. I recently read, that atheists in the USA have some problems to be accepted in a social network. As an European I have to add: That’s not good: Have respect for those who are free, even if they are atheists or escape from the army as deserteurs. Maybe they can see clearer – because they have a free spirit!
photo taken by frizztext; for more click on the picture to visit my flickr photo stream …
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view my slide show, featuring the whole action: and you will notice, that she is not alone. Maybe this is my subtle message: it’s easier to do such a job with a friend, NOT alone. Being alone is sad…
[P.S.: background music to the slide show: me on rhythm guitar
and my most talented friend Luzz, who has a real free spirit]

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