The Pantheon Challenge

It is not easy, to take pictures of the Pantheon building inside. Many a photographer has tried it. The version of Masa_N with a fisheye lens has convinced me:
Pantheon, Rome ---  inside view
title=”Pantheon, Rome — inside view by Masa_N, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
a second good photo, but not with extreme fisheye lens once was shot by Mark Broadhead:
The Pantheon
photo via by Mark Broadhead, Melbourne, sent to my group BLOG IT!
the PANTHEON building in Rome, Italy: the hole in the ceiling seems to work (if there is a sunbeam) like a clock, pointing to hours, weeks, months, years, decades; when we visited this tribute to all Gods (one of the oldest architecture in Europe) some birds came in through the hole; a feather tumbled down to me: I would like to play my guitar in such an architecture!

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