Mississippi Delta Frizz

slide show with seven portraits shot by my wife:

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I like to play finger style acoustic guitar inspired by the old blues masters of the Mississippi Delta 1920-1940. Listen to some of my audio tracks at https://soundcloud.com/fingerstyle_guitar or watch some videos uploaded to flickr.com at http://www.flickr.com/photos/frizztext/sets/72157632490396721/
compare four other guitars I liked to play on:

Born 1945, I was interested to discover what happened BEFORE I could join the party. I fell in love with the old guitarists listening to records from 1920-1940.
watch, if you like an outdoor video:

audio link (via soundcloud):

I have to thank the creator of the following gallery:
my guitar videos there were curated by grijsmeisje / Astrid Vos / Netherlands

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