Now the Olympic Games are in LONDON! A great place to do that, for sure – full of history, creativity, happy people – and poor ones too! Can’t forget the song of Ralph McTell “Streets Of London” – I’ll play it for you on my guitar below as a fingerstyle instrumental. A youtube video adds a photo slide show featuring the streets of London: with the great contrast between poor homeless and rich human beings. A friend recently said “They lost the DECENCY!” I have to ask: Who? The poor ones, the prostitutes following events like the Olympic games since hundred years? Or the egocentric rich ones escaping with their millions to obscure banks and countries, trying not pay any tax?
Old and New
“Old and New” = Tower Bridge and City Hall by Joebelle / Garry, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
the following flickr photos also were sent to my group BLOG IT!
click on the pictures to find the galleries of the different photographers!
2Can't stop,must fly (full frame version)3Simon Surveys A Victory
4Thames Festival5Fast forward
6rayman7. .... ...
8Notting Hill Carnival 9No, It's that way!
Is she Worried?London through a Lens
1 (big:) Tower Bridge and City Hall – by Joebelle / Garry
2 – Can’t stop,must fly – by photocillin / Andy Teo
3 – Intergender Wrestling event – by Michael Reeve, London
4 – Illuminated night carnival on London Victoria Embankment – by Dominique
5 – Fast Forward, Carthusian street near Barbican – by maistora / Vladimir Dimitroff
6 – Rayman, footwear in London underground – Photography by Nils Jorgensen
7 – Say it with flowers – Photography by Nils Jorgensen
8 – Notting Hill Carnival – by JC Bonassin
9 – No, It’s that way! – by maistora / Vladimir Dimitroff
10 – Is she Worried? – by JC Bonassin
11 – London through a Lens – by JC Bonassin
disappearing DECENCY ??? With a photo slide show: The streets of London by Ralph McTell – Maybe the rich have lost decency? Just remembering Oliver Twist … what Charles Dickens would say nowadays?

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