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Since I’m retired I’ve time for my passion: to play fingerstyle instrumentals on my acoustic guitar. Maybe some of us have problems with a too slow internet connection and can not listen to my short music fragments. But others could enjoy it – and sometimes kindly write some comments, so, for example Allyson Mellone from New York:

1 Allyson Mellone
Frizz, thank you so much for your guitar rendition of “Here Comes the Sun!” It was so lovely of you to create it. I especially loved the part from 0.24 on to the end 0.46.

frizz: my tribute to George Harrison, NY, R.I.P.

2 Allyson Mellone
I also had a nice time listening to: “Eb-Major” a few times because it is very soothing with a very freeing kind of feeling. It is quite beautiful 🙂

frizz: my tribute to Lonnie Johnson, Jet Black Blues

3 Allyson Mellone
“48″ took me to the old west. The rawness of life in westerns are very inspirational for me. Like my sister says “I am a sucker for westerns.”

frizz: second tribute to George Harrison: While my guitar gently weeps

4 Allyson Mellone
“E-guitar-01″ I found to be profound, especially 0.46-1.00. I listened to it, maybe 5 times, to feel the notes.

frizz: my tribute to Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”

5 bluebrightly
Tupelo Grave – very nice! Has that southern feel.

my tribute to John Lee Hooker 1917-2001 – I call it TUPELO GRAVE…

6 Johanna
my favourite track of all was your “Never going back again” which you shared with Fleetwood Mac.

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