Women vs. Berlusconi

1 million women in more than 200 Italian towns took to the streets Sunday to protest vs. the sexism of Silvio Berlusconi. The women demand his resignation.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

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Actually very interesting: the hundreds of thousands of Italian women protesters against the macho Berlusconi and his sex scandals – maybe against the whole Italian male-sexism? A cultural change of power and etiquette? More parity between men and women? Giving money for love as a big failure …
a decision of justitia with esprit: the three judges, soon vs. Berlusconi in Milano: they are female 🙂

The national Italian Problem seems not to be only the nightclub dancer Karima El Mahrough, Ruby the Heartbreaker, aged 17 when she made some deals with Berlusconi, but more than that some decades of Italian television, dominated by media-mogul Berlusconi: He again and again featured show girls, erotic entertainments, reducing women to sex objects. The time seems to be now, to remember the roots of modern women’s liberation movement, which started in the seventies but then was lost in the Italian macho culture again


The Italian cartoonist Claudio Marinaccio “OLDERIME” about Silvio Berlusconi‘s arrogant character:

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